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Pints Pub has the world's largest Single Malt Whisky selection Single Malt Whisky The product of a single distillery, made from a grain content of 100% malted barley, and aged in wood no less than three years. Through the combining of single malts and the addition of grain alcohol, the more well known brands of blended whisky are produced- Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal, J & B, and the like. Arguably, Scotland produces most of the world’s finest Single Malt Whisky. A myriad of taste variations found in these malts is due to the range of geographic and climactic conditions that influence each of the many distilleries in Scotland. The distillation process involves three ingredients: water, malted barley, and yeast. First, a raw beer (wash) is made. The wash is then distilled, usually twice, in copper pot stills to condense the alcohol down to roughly 65%. The size and shape of the still, the water used, the prevailing environmental conditions, and the wood in which the malt will sleep are the most important factors that each distillery holds dear as their particular tradition of whisky making.





The major whisky-making regions in Scotland: Lowland Soft, light, and dry malts with little or no peat influence. Only three distilleries remain in production. Highland From firm and dry to rich and creamy. Some coastal influence. This is by far the largest and most nuanced region in Scotland with the most distilleries—includes the Speyside district. Campbeltown Salt-sweet and briny, generally rare malts. This region is small and remote, but steeped in fantastic malt whisky-making traditions. Island Heavily influenced by the ocean, these malts are salty and often very peaty. ISLAY (eye-la), the major whisky-producing island with eight working distilleries, is famous for a robust peat and iodine style. Yes, iodine, ever smelled seaweed? Regular Strength vs. Cask Strength: Regular Strength Bottled after reduction by water in order to standardize the proof. Usually 40-50% ABV. Cask Strength Bottled without reduction by water and range from 50% to 70% ABV and above. It is recommended that you add spring water to these malts, as the high alcohol content will anesthetize your palate. Scotland’s Lost Stills and Silent Stills: Lost Stills These were formerly active distilleries that have been demolished, or “lost” since 1945. Due to economics and other factors these stills were made moribund. Shut down and demolished, they can never again produce. Whisky from these stills becomes all the rarer every time a dram is consumed. Pints Pub offers whisky from 124 of the 125 distilleries active since 1945. We know of no other licensed premises who can make this claim. We denote Lost Stills in our whisky list with this: LS. Silent Stills These are distilleries currently not producing whisky due to supply and demand. They may or may not make whisky again, there are no guarantees. Pints Pub offers whisky from all of the Silent Stills. We denote Silent Stills in our whisky list with this: SS. Pints Pub has the world’s largest selection of single malt whisky. With nearly 200 distilleries represented and upwards of 275 whisky expressions. There are those who can claim more bottles on hand but nowhere else can you experience the breadth of distilleries available at Pints. For the true aficionado this is the only public place we know of to sample the likes of Glen Flagler, Killyloch, Ben Wyvis, Kininivie, or Kinclaith to name but a few of the all but unobtainable malts we offer. Additionally our selection of World Single Malts (not from Scotland) is unmatched. The diversity of Karuizawa, Pradlo, or Sedgwick malts are not to be found together on any premises extant. The explosion of craft distilling will necessitate continual expansion of our collection. We shall persevere. Single Malt Courses Pints Pub offers three single malt courses (samplers) Freshman Course Learn the terroir of Scotland's Malt Whisky. Four fine malts representing a full range of regional characteristics. Masters Level Course Graduate studies in Scottish Single Malt Whisky for the more practiced palate. Whisk(e)y Abroad Course World class knowledge provided with Malt Whisk(e)y, India, Ireland, Japan and the U.S. We Recommend Don’t hesitate to ask our friendly staff of whisky-lovers for assistance with a selection tailored to your palate. h





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