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Real Ale: Champagne of the Beer World Here at Pint's Pub you have the opportunity for an uncommon experience; we produce what is popularly known as 'real ale' or, in brewers' parlance, cask-conditioned beer. Real Ale is the champagne of the beer world. While other types of beer are conditioned in the brewery and often filtered and pasteurized to kill the living yeast, cask beer is encouraged to undergo a secondary fermentation in its container in the Pint's Pub cellar.

Only Britain produces great quantities of natural beers conditioned in their casks, in America, Pint's Pub, here in Denver, is among a mere handful of producers of traditional, cask conditioned, living, beers. At Pints our Real Ale is made from the finest imported English malted barley and choicest imported English hops and is fermented with quick-acting 'top fermenting' yeast strains. After a short conditioning period in the brewery it is removed to the cask cellar (you may view it through our "see through" floor on the east side of the pub) to complete its maturation in the cask. It is then pumped (not pushed with gas) up to your pint with a beer engine, assuring no loss of quality. These methods of brewing and conditioning produce beers of great complexity, with rich fruity and hoppy aromas and flavors. Cask Ales are served at cellar temperature (50' F) and have lower carbonation levels than keg style beers. Our Dark Star and Lancer Real Ales have won praise from beer connoisseurs from both sides of the Atlantic and rightfully so. Give them a go.


Pints Pub is justifiably proud of our Live Ale but we recognize it might not be everyone's "cup of tea". For those seeking a less challenging brew we craft four keg style beers. Cold and fizzy, as the Brits say, these beers are: Czechmate Pilsner, Bitchcraft Blonde, PhoneBox Red, Gael Force Scottish Ale, Alchemy E.S.B., Idyllwisss Wheat, Airedale Pale, John Bull Brown and Black Ajaz Stout.

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